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Commercial Use Notice: If you wish to use these forms commercially (for selling on to others) on your website, in their current or a similar modified form, then please contact me. For further information see the bottom of this page. I will take legal action against anyone using these forms commercially without consent. You may link from your site to this page free of charge.

Donations: All services are provided free of charge, however I have spent many hours over several years developing these forms and advice pages. I have paid out several hundred pounds in costs, any donations towards my costs would be appreciated. See below for details of how you can make payments.

Personalised Forms: If you would like me to provide you with a version of the T&Cs that match your specific requirements then there will be a £10 charge. If you require more than one form personalising then please contact me for a quote. I will first advise how you can update the forms yourself if you are having any problems.

I have put several years work into keeping the advice and forms up to date and to ensure that you are given the best help and protection.
Please consider making a donation whether it's £5, £10, £20 or more.
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My form templates are available to view, download and amend for your own non-commercial use.
Commercial sites may freely list available forms and use links to this site for downloads.
Forms must not be downloaded for use on commercial sites without prior licence agreement.

Licences for commercial use are available on request and include: Terms & Conditions and associated forms, Booking Forms and Booking Confirmation Forms. They also include notifications of any updates.
Partial licences may be granted, such as for Terms and Conditions only.
I will take legal action against anyone using these forms without written consent.
Full package deals: £100 per year - with renewal discounts, or £250 unlimited use

Currently licensed for commercial use: None