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Updated 5th February 2018

Please read carefully before booking any caravan holiday

Advice for making a booking

  • CONTACT: Provide by private message, email, online booking form or in writing: Your Full Name, Address, Contact Number and Dates Required
  • CHECK THE ELECTORAL ROLL: Check to see if the owner is registered on the electoral roll. Free searches can be done at 192.com or www.whitepages.co.uk
  • CHECK WITH THE CARAVAN SITE: Contact the Caravan Park to confirm that you are dealing with a genuine owner. You may need to obtain a Pitch Number from the owner as they may not be advertised. Some sites may not provide verification.
    Do your own research to obtain a phone number for the site. Do not use numbers given by owners, especially if you are given a mobile number.
    If the owner has a Facebook Group then have a look at other posts to make sure that the majority of comments are positive. A couple of negative posts are to be expected as some people will always look for faults, no matter who small they really are.
  • ASK: If you have any questions then ask. Genuine owners will provide as much information as they can to help you.
  • READ: Read the Booking Terms and Conditions carefully
  • SIGN: Complete, Sign and Return the Booking Form AND Pay the Full Deposit within 7 days or the booking will be cancelled. Part payment will be considered as non-payment.
  • PAY: Pay the balance due by the required date (normally 4-8 weeks before the arrival date). If the balance is not paid then the deposit will be lost and the holiday cancelled.
  • ARRIVE: Turn up, with the agreed guests only, at the agreed time or contact the hirer immediately if you will be arriving late. Do not arrive early or you may be fined or denied access. If you stop the cleaner from working you will be liable for their charges.
  • You will need to bring the Booking Confirmation Form with you and ideally ID such as Passport, Photo Driving Licence or Bank Cards.
    You may be asked to provide proof of identity at any time during your stay and failure to provide the information may result in the termination of your holiday, without compensation.
  • REPORT: Report any problems, immediately, to the caravan owner.
  • LEAVE: Leave the caravan in the same clean and tidy condition that you find it, at the agreed time. Do not leave late as this causes problems for cleaners and the following guests.
    You will be fined if you leave late.

  • REMEMBER: You are making a legally binding agreement with the Caravan Hirer.
    If booking with an agent your agreement is still with the caravan owner and not the agent, unless they fail in their duty to provide owner and guest with agreed literature and/or finances
  • ENJOY: Enjoy yourself and have a great holiday
  • REVIEW: Leave a review of the caravan on the site where your found it
    This will normally cost less than £5 per person and give you added protection
    Comparison sites may not be of any use if there are more than 2 adults.
    Booking direct with companies such as insureandgo.com will be suitable.
    You only need to book UK Travel Insurance with a Basic level, HOWEVER, you may need to add extra cover for expensive personal items and electronic equipment, such as Phones, Laptops and Cameras.
    Higher premiums are usually unnecessary for caravan holidays.
    If you have annual travel insurance for the UK or Europe then you should be covered.
    Some monthly fee bank accounts also include travel insurance.
    Re-selling your holiday without the owner's consent is unlawful and you may face prosecution.

  • Please remember that you will be bound by the Caravan Owner's Terms and Conditions.
    A Terms & Conditions template can be viewed on this site. Actual owner's terms may vary.
  • A booking deposit will be required to confirm booking, usually £50-£100, which must be paid in full.
  • The deposit will not be returned in the event of smoking, damage, extra guests, pets, unclean caravan, cancellation and other rules as set out by the Caravan Owner.
  • In the event of criminal damage then court action may be taken by the Caravan Owner.
  • The caravan should have been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival

    If advertising for a holiday, then be careful if you are advertising in a OPEN group as these are high risk areas for scammers to take advantage of cheap, late deals. Always be concerned if you are contacted directly by Message, instead of comments first appearing on your post.
    CLOSED or SECRET groups are safer, however you must always do your own checks to verify owners.


    Last Minute Booking: It can be a BIG gamble if you wait until a week before your holiday to find a late deal, especially during peak holiday seasons as most dates are sold 6 months in advance.

    There are sometimes early booking discounts or you can save money by booking a year in advance.

    Do not expect to be able to get peak weeks for £150-£200 when normal prices are more than double that.


    The cost of caravan hire can vary a lot.
    Don't forget that you need to take account of what you are getting:

    Size of caravan (6,8,10 berth),
    How much has been invested in decoration.
    The facilities within the caravan.
    The location of the site and what is available on the site and in the surrounding area.
    Entertainment passes may also be included.
    Prices will vary during the season and will be higher when there is more demand and dates are easier to sell. This offsets the budget prices at low season.
    Damage deposits rarely cover actual damage repairs, which are often impractical to recover in full.
    The owners have expenses such as Site Fees, Insurance, Gas, Electricity, etc. They have also spent thousands to buy the caravan.

    Please take all this into account before saying "that's too expensive".

    HIRE PROBLEMS - Important notice:

    The Terms & Conditions you have agreed to may include a request for you Contact the Hirer immediately when you notice any issues. Give them a fair chance to provide assistance or compensation before taking matters further. Even if they don't it is best practice to do so.

    Posting videos and/or comments in a public domain, such as Facebook and Twitter, could leave you open to court action for defamation as the full facts of any case are unlikely to be published.

    If you are not satisfied with the response from the owner then you must instead seek legal advice. This will protect the rights of the Owner & Hirer and obtain all the facts in a private manner.

    In the event of damage to property exceeding the deposit then caravan owners make seek further compensation.

    BE VERY CAREFUL: When paying for a holiday you are trusting that the owner is genuine.
    Unfortunately there are too many scammers out there, especially those offering later deals and demanding payment in full. Some caravan sites may confirm ownership if you telephone them.