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Holiday Hunters

I am pleased to be able to provide free Advice to help you when booking a caravan holiday and to help ensure that your stay is a good one. I will also try to provide assistance if you are unfortunate enough to need it.

Please remember that you are paying for a short stay in private property. Please respect this property as the owner has legal rights to protect the caravan and it's contents and you may face compensation charges in the event of any rule breaches. Caravan Sites are not responsible for private lettings and have no claim over how owners set their terms and conditions. However Site Rules will also apply to your stay.

Anyone could access my booking forms. has no information on who downloads and uses these forms. Always feel free to check with caravan sites before making payments and never pay in full, unless booking within 1 month of the holiday.

Caravan Owners

If you are a new owner or have been renting your caravan for many years I am here to help you too.

I have Standard Forms for you to download and use for your caravans as well as Best Practice advice on how to ensure that you protect yourself from the hassles that can arise and keep the booking procedure simple and clear.

Privacy & Data Protection

As a non-profit business I am not registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act Regulations. However, I do comply with the DPA and will never provide personal information received to anyone to whom the information is not legally permitted to be released to.
Information obtain by email, social network etc, will be treated in the strictest confidence, unless the information contains false, defamatory information in which case the victim(s) will be notified and they may then seek further action against those passing on the false information.

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All forms are the copyright property of and for personal use only. Commercial licenses are available.

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